1. Budgeting & Scheduling

Out the gate a wedding coordinator will provide brides with assistance on budgeting and scheduling their planning, something most people have no idea how to do! Not only that, they help keep you on track with your budget and make sure you are on track with your planning schedule..

2. Removing responsibility from the bride and groom

Choosing vendors, and turning down ones you don’t want, can be a sticky situation. Your wedding coordinator can remove some of that responsibility (or all of it!) from you so you don’t have to worry.

3. Experience!

Your wedding coordinator has experience, and you can’t put a price tag on that!

4. New Ideas

Most couples have an idea of what they want but want things to be different and new. Your wedding coordinator can help with that.

5. Tricky Situations

Difficult family situation? Your wedding coordinator can help with that! Want to have an adult only wedding? Let your coordinator help with that challenging wording.

6. Vendor Discounts

Coordinators work with vendors on a regular basis, they may have preferred vendors that will offer discounts for you.

7. Keep you on track

Don’t get behind! A coordinator will help keep you on track and focused on what needs to be done when. And, on your special day, your coordinator will make sure your timeline is followed.

8. Has learned from previous mistakes

From things that got forgotten to vendors that didn’t show up, wedding coordinators have seen mistakes from other weddings they can help you avoid!

9. Can come to the rescue

Even though you have checked and double checked, sometimes things get forgotten. If you end up in a pinch, your coordinator will be there to help pick up whatever got dropped!

10. Peace of mind!

The best way to enjoy your special day is by having peace of mind…and that’s the biggest benefit your coordinator will offer!